November 27, 2007

Good morning.

To start out I have to say that yesterday was a pretty good day. It went by really quickly and that is what I was hoping for.

We mailed off two purses that I sold over the Holiday and then spent most of the day keeping my children from killing each other and cleaning things up a bit thru out the house. Sat down last night to do some sewing and ended up going a totally different direction with the whole thing. I made a...what would I call it?...A hand wallet of sorts. It looks like a clutch.

I don't know if I am going to keep the strap like doesn't look bad, it gives the clutch some character.
Wow! Just looked out side to find it hailing and raining. Thank goodness I got the back porch cleaned up while the sun was shining...I was hot flashing so it was actaully quite nice to be outside in the fresh air. Of course there are some things sitting out in the rain that are a pain in the butt to dry out...oh well, there wasn't anywhere else to put it. My husband will probably be upset with me but that is what happens when I mention cleaning up the back porch (last week) and it doesn't get done.
The landlord is here to cut up more of our tree. I know it needs to be taken care of but I don't want it to die next year because it was cut now during the cold season....When are you supposed to trim tree? They are most likely going to wait till it is dry again to do it. It is our only shade.
Back to fabric. I am sitting here looking at a pile of cut out purses, I have dinner done, I will start sewing these up this week.
I also sold two more purses over the Holiday weekend!! So exciting!! I am thinking of finding a map and marking all of the places that my purses have gone. I think it is a really cool idea. I also found a shop at Etsy that does decals for car doesn't cost much so I am going to get two of those for my car.
Ok more to get done around here so I will go for now. I will post pictures up everywhere as I get the purses done.
Good Day,

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-TNChick- said...

Wow, you made that? That is super - I just think that rocks. Nice work.