April 8, 2008

Fabrics in My Hand!!

I used the check I got from a survey website and bought some fabric today!!

Guys you might be pleased when you see what I’m doing for you! ; )
There will probably only be one of these for now so save up!
There was only a small amount of this awesome tweed.
When I get some more moola
I will definitely be looking for more of these fabrics
because I absolutely fell in love with them when I saw them.

Now to get some grocery bags made for the shop at the coast
and then maybe I will start in on the guy bag.
Again I have put a ton of creative thinking on my plate
and am excited to jump on in to all of it!!!
I think I’m back!! And it feels good!

Did anyone watch Fool’s Gold?
I went this last weekend with the girls and loved it!
Fun and entertaining movie.
Good date movie also cause there is something for guys and girls.
I can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD.
I would love to live out there in the warm sand and waves!
If only it was not in hurricane territory. : (

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snowy652 said...

that movie is on my to be watched list