April 13, 2008

So tired and all because of my allergies. Saturday you could see the pollen floating thru the air. It was like clouds floating thru the skies. My face and neck are all puffy too. I think I need to get some allergy medicine. I wonder if I could take Clariton...I am extremely sensitive to medication of any kind. If I could take it during the day and not fall alseep then all would be great! :)

We went to a friends wedding on Saturday in Silverton. We have never been to Silverton...There were so many things I could have taken pictures of. Gorgeous victorian and country houses...I actuaully took a few pics of some farm homes and an old, what seems to be, an old school house. I put some of the pictures in my flickr (link is on the side of this page)

Today we spent the afternoon cleaning out some of the garage and throwing out a lot of stuff into the garbage and recycling bins...So much that isn't needed in our lives anymore. It is amazing how much you can collect!! I have a good amount that is going to go in our garage sale at the end of May, so that is nice also. I am hopeing that all will go!

Still no sewing going on around here. But always ideas floating thru my head. Wish I could kick what ever this is. I think I might have gotten burned out on the whole sewing thing...I have been doing it for the last three years I think. Started with aprons...wow, it has been a while. Want to do something new and expand on what I have. So much fabric so little time it seems.

Well it is late...Husband is watching Venture Brothers and I am so incredibly sleepy from these allergies... I think it is time for bed and can't believe this weekend is already over!!
Have a good Monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Vance and I were thinking of buying a home in Silverton a few years ago.
We spent an awesome Saturday there. Parked in the downtown, and the parking meters took pennies!
Drove around fell in love with the town.

We all take Clariton, well we take the cheap costco clariton, it does not make you drowsy.
Are you still making clutches, or have you made them before. I'm looking for one to fit in my bag....hope you feel better soon, Bren