April 24, 2008

This weekend is going to be good!
First off my sister-in-law is going to be induced tomorrow morning!!
They are very nervous since this is their first. I can't wait to hold the little guy!!
My friend and her husband are finding out tomorrow if they are having a boy or girl.
This is their first. She isn't due till September.
And I have a baby shower to go to for another friend.
It seems this is the season for babies!!! I can't even count how many people I know that are having babies out there. It is all very exciting.
I am almost finished with the purse I started the other day. (see photo in last post)
Still need to make the button hole and add the button for the closure. Should really do that but right now I am trying to get my bedroom cleaned up...it's a mess and is driving me nuts. If we owned the house I would have already pushed the one wall out about 4 foot. It is long and some what narrow...not a whole lot of room. Heck if we owned the house I would be adding a second floor and another bathroom!! : D
Well I will post a photo of my new nephew after he is born if I am able to make it to the Hospital to see them... My brother-in-law wants me to take photos of the baby for them. That was a special request and I am excited. Pray that all the pictures turn out and that I can get some really special ones for them!
Ok my little break is over back to my room I go.
Have a blessed weekend everyone :)


cd&m said...

Looks like you will soon be an Auntie, best wishes to the happy family.

2lilmonkeys said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! i was super surprised someone other than me and my BF read it, lol!

Now i am off to oogle your pretty bags, hehe!