June 19, 2008

My Love For Photography

The last few days I have literally spent most of the day playing with my photography and I have been loving it!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/purech/sets/72157605690608017/
I have a few more to finish.
Sad- Portrait
I could have totally used this one for my emotions photohunter post!!
I am thinking I need to start putting together a portfolio and then maybe get some families who would let me do some shooting for them. I really do love it!!
I know I know...I have tons of sewing that needs to be done...I'm just not feeling it right now. There is a baby blanket that I need to do some hand stitching on and then that will be done... It is just hard to find people who have the money to spend anymore...Life sucks. But we will all get through this and things will hopefully get better sooner then later.
Well off to get our day started. We all slept in, it was actually kind of nice. : )
Have a really good day everyone!!!

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