June 2, 2008

Something Different

This weekend I felt like making something different. I did get the black tat handbag finished, by the way it looks great!! But I needed to change things up so I made this...I guess you could call it a bath mat. I used a lush towel for the facing.

I can flip it over if I feel like a change.

My bathroom doesn't really match I guess but it was something different. We rent so making changes is a bit ruff...but I do have permission to paint and I am going to redo the cabinets. So we will see what the future holds. : )

1 comment:

Emily said...

HEY! You must be an Oregonian...how cool, we're neighbors. My sister lives in NE and I have a sis-in-law (who I love) who lives downtown.

I'm not a city slicker myself, as I have dreams a home in the country w/ chickens that I let eat free range style. :) I don't think the city folks would love me.