June 27, 2008


Ok I cheated a little and copy and pasted this in from my myspace blog. It is just one of those lazy kind of days.
Got the pool up and filled last night but I don't know if the blow up part at the top is going to last...which means we might have to get a new pool. : ( That will suck especially since we just filled this one with a butt load of water, of course it would make the grass green up big time! Kind of sucks. The kids did get out and played in it today...sorry no pics I was laying in the sun. : ) This pasty girl needs a tan!!
I have some photos of the new blanket I am working on.

Yes, the blanket is as soft as it looks!! I love the little bug eyed goldfish. Each one has a name under it. Heather Ross is the creator of the fabric. I love it!!
The kids should sleep well tonight and I should be able to work on the blanket...maybe even finish it!
Well need to go my man is gonna be home shortly and I need to get dinner done and some things on Craig's List. Anyone in the Portland area looking for a table and 6 chair set? Ok I'm out. Have a great day in the sun!

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Anonymous said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx