July 30, 2008

Almost Finished with the Nursery Gifts

I got the blanket above finished last night and one curtain finished below. You are seeing the back side of the curtain...I had to add a piece of the other fabric for the curtain rod.

Then we have a table topper above for one of their tables in the room and the bumper is below...I think next time I am going to try something different for the bumper...but I already had a bumper pad so I used that this time. Still isn't quit finished I need to get some ribbon or cording for the ties and then it will be finished.
It hasn't been as bad as I thought...everything went really smoothly. The bumper was some what of a challenge but like I said next time I am going to try something else.
So things to do:
Finish bumper
Finish second curtain
Then get it in a gift bag/box
: D It feels so good to accomplish someting new : D

I will have a photo of the nursery when it gets put together!


gambling online said...

that's way too cool.

Emily said...

That material is seriously fabulous.