July 15, 2008

Inspiration and Lack of Motivation

I am sitting here inspired by the things I have running through my head...So much I could do with the fabrics I have in view...Yet unmotivated to do it, not knowing where to start.
Could start another baby blanket I have it ready to go. Going to make my handbags larger because most people I have talked to are looking for those kinds of bags.
Have some other things...Just so much on my plate and in my head!!

Listening to my children singing the theme song to Handy Mandy...which I love way more then Bob the Builder!!
Needing to get off this darn brain sucker so that I can get things done around here.

unmotivated and mellow today.

1 comment:

Emily said...

But sometimes those unmotivated and mellow days are the BEST. I dont' know...sometimes I prefer them. (I just lied, I usually prefer them.)