July 23, 2008

Looking at some of my favorite places online today.
The sky is full of clouds and there is a chill in the air...well it is only in the low 70's today, which in my book makes it perfect weather! But to be wearing a sweater in the middle of Summer is just wrong!

I gave in and ordered a couple yards of fabric this morning because I couldn't help myself. It is going to be used for a baby blanket and I think you are going to like it a lot!! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. You know sometimes fabric just calls you and you have to respond. :)

There have been so many things that have inspired me (I might post some of my favorite things on here sometime) and I think I am getting ready to get some things done that I have put off for the last few months...Should probably get myself set up in our garage...we finally have some more room since having our yard sale this last weekend. Think I am going to take up a little space in the garage for all of my sewing stuff and machine so that I have a place to retreat to when I need to get things done. My husband shouldn't mind losing some of his music space. ;)
Still need to get rid of a love seat and dining room table. I will post on craig's list tomorrow.

Ok off to finish the last of the laundry and clean some more dishes, trying to stay on top of things, then I might start cutting on some fabric.
Have a great day!

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