October 13, 2008

It's a Monday and I am still smilin' :)

So kids are playing music in the background with their guitars and anything else they can find that makes noise. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to put together a bag that I don't have a pattern for...Not that I use patterns but it sure would help me to just go over it and see how it is done then I can go from there.
Union Rose in Portland wants some new items and I have nothing to give them
http://www.unionrosepdx.com/ I haven't been sewing much as you may have known, only because no one is buying lately and we all know why. : ( This hurts...But I will press on and start getting some new designs out as soon as possible. I want to buy some new fabrics but am trying to be good and not charge the card...done good so far. : )
Praying things get better.
Off to get the kids going on their school work that they have for the day...shouldn't take to long to get through, folded laundry to put in it's place, vacuuming to do, and then I am going to make myself sit down and figure the bag thing out and maybe make a few other things if possible.
Husband started a new job today! So praying that all of that goes well and that he learns a lot during his training this week.
Good day to you!

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