October 15, 2008

(my daughters little feet)

It's cold out.
No more bare feet running through the lush green grass.
The leaves are changing all around us falling silently to the ground.
The blue of the sky seems cold and grey.

I love Autumn! The smells, the colors, the sweaters : )
Now if I had a fireplace (It can be electric even) the world would be perfect!! ; )

Yesterday I spent the day washing some fabric and figuring out what they would become. I have some great ideas for some new bags! Corduroys, velvets, and fun novelty fabrics.
Don't know if I will send them to the Union Rose downtown or if I will just place them in my etsy shop...we will see. I will post pictures as things get done.

Sorry, I downloaded the pictures like this... know time to fix it.

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