January 13, 2009

This will do for now.

Alright it isn't as it was but I guess with a new year here some changes can take place.
I want to make my post section a little wider with out going into my side bar but haven't the patience to figure it out right now.

So I will move on now...

If I was quick enough I would have taken a photo of the four squirrels that were chasing each other across our fence earlier! The sunshine is out and everyone is at play. It is a woppin' 50.9 degrees out and all God's creatures are playing and making such beautiful music outside. I love it...the light makes me so much happier!
My man was home from work today, but not of his own free will. They just didn't need him...hoping and praying he can work the rest of the week though cause we have rent to pay on top of bills of course. I really hope his W2's show up really soon so that we can get taxes done before the end of February. I always like to get them done asap.

You know I am sitting here and it is so very quiet, husband off with his dad and our middle guy...they are helping some friends out with their plumbing problems, the oldest and his sister are in the other room...should probably check on them because they are so very quiet...
They were watching a movie in my room.

It's a pretty good day.
Beautiful Sunshine!

Beautiful moss on our tree!

Beautiful girl that can't stand still so that I can get a crisp photo of her and all her cuteness!
Just wanted to let you know that all of my shops are at the bottom of my blog. : ) If you have birthdays or anything that you need a gift for. : D Have a beautiful day!

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