February 18, 2009

Sick Bug in Town

I was so sure that we were going to make it through winter without the visit of the sick bug...but it showed up this week. One kid down for the count yesterday...but I think I kicked it in the bud! I had a date last night with some girlfriends to see a movie...so before I left Mr. T didn't look very good and his cough had gotten worse through out the day...I asked if he was ok and he told me...
"I have a cough, and a headache and there is water coming out of my eyes."
So got the Tylenol out then was off...
Came home and went in to check him and he was burning up...it hurt my face...a little worried because a friend of ours son got sick and his temp hit 107.!! So took his temp and it was 102. I can handle that...gave him Advil and then did a alcohol leg rub (get the rubbing alcohol in your hands and rub it down his legs towards the feet and it pulls the fever from the head) It worked...this morning no fever. He is still coughing but no fever and I'm happy about that.
Now my OC is kicking in and this whole house is going to be disinfected by the end of the day!!
There is NO ROOM for a sick bug in this house!!

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