March 16, 2009

Long Weekend...

It was one long weekend...especially when my husband was not working...Again only two days of work last week!!! This is getting annoying...I'm praying he gets to work the whole four days but really he has only been getting three on a good week. He does have three day weekends and we do clean the church on one of those days but I think he gets really down on himself when he isn't able to work...well, allowed to work.
So hanging in there as best as we can. The Lord provides.

The rainy season has started and we most likely won't see any full sun until June!! ; )
Hahahah good ol' Oregon weather. Liquid sunshine is my favorite though especially when it is warm. This doesn't help my joints any or my occasional gloomy feeling but it makes everything green and beautiful in the end so I guess I can get through it.
All the birds are out right now singing and talking with each other. It is very calming to me.
Just wish I could get warm.

Celebrated my middle guys Birthday this weekend...He is a whoppin' 7 now!
My friend came over and we made the cake the night before.And then I thought this was priceless... He has a chocolate ice cream mustache! He looks like a little man!!! Had to share this...He wrote out a recipe that "he wants to make" That is a whole lot of cornstarch!
I found this yesterday...Big brother reading to his siblings...very sweet!! Off to go do something else...need to get the kids going on their learning for the day.
Have a good one...and Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!


Emily said...

It's funny but I dont' remember having this much problem with melancholy thanks to the rain. NOW? I'm bummed every time it starts. and I've grown up in Oregon/Washington so what's my problem?????

It keeps teasing us with gorgeous mellow 65 degree full sunshine days.

I don't want to move or anything, but I just find it odd that now after all these years, it's bugging me.

Sleepless Stitch said...

I know what you mean.

Elinor Dashwood said...

I'm so sorry your hubby hasn't been able to work much lately. That's got to be difficult!! I will be praying that he gets more work! You're right, God does provide, so chin up and keep smiling!!!!

Happy birthday to #2. Cute recipe...and I agree, that's a lot of cornstarch. You truly should give it a try though - just to see what you end up with. ha ha I love how he dressed up for the occasion! SO cute!!

I also love the photo of your kids reading together. That's something I never see in my house - my kids fight too much. Grrr!

On a side note...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your day is fantastic! You certainly deserve it.

Lots of hugs!