March 31, 2009

Sitting here listening to my man teach our son some multiplication...things are getting a little intense...probably time to step away from it all.
Of course the boy was doing geometry work the other day...had the whole thing figured out and even changed the equations!! The boy is 9...I think that is pretty good.
Now he is just over thinking everything...I DON'T LIKE MATH!!! I am trying not to let him see this, but oh it is so frustrating to me sometimes. :)
Mr. T read a whole book today...will he do it for me? NOPE, he only did it for his brother.
He is so stubborn.
Lil' J...well she is trying to add...very cute. She has also been copying words...I love that she uses her left hand to start the word and then half way through switches hands to finish it off. What a clam!

It is almost 48 degrees out and there are random huge rain drops coming down out there...I am so tired of being cold...BUT the flowers are all in bloom!! No good for the allergies but oh so beautiful to the eyes! I keep telling myself that I am going to go out and take some photos...but it seems that that is what a lot of photographers getting that one of a kind photo that is rarely done can be hard.
I did have a few dollars and decided to buy myself some watercolor paint a pad of paper and a paint palette the other day...I already have the brushes and stuff...Went to the library and picked up some watercolor books to refresh my memory, haven't done any water color work since high school...I will have to take a photo of the one I did for my dad...he had it framed! Hopefully it will be with in view when we go and see them this coming month!

Well there's the hail...I need to go get a sweater on...I'm freezing!!

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