May 19, 2009

Finally bought some cherry tomatoes for my kids, they told me they like those the best.
Guaranteed that most of them won't even make it into the house. Which is fine with me because I hate tomatoes...give me ketchup, sauce, and lasagna but a plain ol' tomato No thanks!
Fred Meyers is having a potted plant sale this week, you can get a 1 gallon tomato plant for $3.99 instead of 4.99...I think that is a pretty good price because by the time it starts getting the fruit you have more then got your money back! Much cheaper then buying just the fruit at the store and paying almost the same amount.
I think the next plant I would like to get is lettuce and strawberries. I also would love some mint, basil and lemon thyme!! There is a nursery by my parent's and they had the best smelling chocolate mint and lemon thyme but it doesn't look like I will be able to get any this year. I will have to remember for next time we go down though.

Now to plant the tomatoes...need to kill the ants that have taken over the garden box and then we should be good to dig and plant.

Have a headache today, don't know if it is lack of sugar or lack of water. Doesn't feel good though.
Listening to a free download of Lanae' Hale's CD "Back and Forth"...I like it so far.
Need to start getting dinner ready for tonight...I'm thinking BBQ ribs, watermelon (I forgot about it), strawberry shortcake and I will have to think of a side dish. It just sounds good.

I will have pictures most likely over on my facebook when the tomatoes are grown.
Good Day!!

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