May 26, 2009

It is a beautiful week
Slowly allowing inspiration to get me back on track... creative juices working their way through my system... moving into warm summer weather... wanting to paint, wanting to create!
Prepping myself for the new chapter that will be unfolding before our eyes at the end of summer... a little nervous... but that is normal for me.
A friend shared this with me today... I LOVE the Flintstones!!!!


Emily said...

The school thing? that's a huge thing. It's so sunny here in the's been FABULOUS for my depression...I'm soaking up the Vit. D. Have a great week!

Sleepless Stitch said...

oh yeah I was talking about the kids starting school in the Fall.
The sun is wonderful...I haven't been out much though, sadly enough if I spend to much time out in it I get sick to my stomach. I would love to lay out on a blanket most of the day but my body just isn't good for it. Oh well it is nice though. :)
You have a really good week too!!