December 19, 2009

Wrapping Excitment.... Tradition Flew the Coupe

Finally getting a little excited about Christmas... 
a little bit.
Wrapped my guys presents last night before he got home from work and can't wait till he opens them! 
He is in for quite a surprise! 

The only part that is going to throw me off 
this holiday is the food.
We spend Christmas with his parents almost every year... they are not at all traditional when it comes to the meal. I guess this year we will be having enchiladas and I will be making Puerci Pebleo aka Spanish Pork. 
I grew up with the traditional meals for the holidays so eating with them almost every year for the last 11 yrs, I have to say I'm still not use to it, this takes the cake. 
So I will oblige and make the pork... which is absolutely amazing! But it just isn't going to feel like the Christmas' I have been remembering lately. 

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MelissaSamson said...

We could do a traditional "Christmas" dinner on New Years! :)