January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

wow, again, who knew we would all make it to yet another year.

Winter break is over and the kids are back to school... they were all so excited at the bus stop that they were "play" fighting over who was going to get on the bus first. I'm glad the kids like school. I pray that they do well and always choose to do what they know is right.

They made their very first snowman EVER on Tuesday when we had our little snow show. I realized that all those times we have had snow they have never made a snowman, so it was about time... I hope there will be more in the future because they really did have a good time. We also spent the winter break making snowflakes with borax and decorating a gingerbread house... I don't know what we will do when summer vacation comes! It only takes a few minutes to do a craft and there are a lot of hours in the day!! 
The older they get the harder it is to keep them busy.

Well need to go see if I can get a phonics program set up on the other computer for my middle guy to use after school and have more crocheting to do... need to also get a couple baby quilts started, have to iron the fabric and sew the three pieces together, that's the easy part the hard part will be hand stitching the whole thing... not sure what I'm going to do... there is a picture of the fabric in another post below.
I'm ready for Spring!!


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