March 22, 2010

Big Weekend...

 It was a long weekend full of stuff we didn't want to deal with... like our computer completely crashing on us due to an extremely nasty virus. My guy spent all day Saturday, had to empty out the whole computer and start from scratch and in the process he accidentally deleted my whole profile. I'm not upset, just figure the stuff I had saved and in my favorites and other files weren't that important and if it was and I can't remember then it will come to me later and I will be able to add it again.

I kept busy though and finished the top of the quilt I'm working on!!!! I am incredibly proud of myself for sticking with it and getting it done! All I need now is the fabric and batting to finish it off. Then will have some hand quilting to do on it and off to My Etsy Shop it will go!! 
It is a lap quilt/wall hanging. I love the color palette! It makes me happy!

The kids are on break this week but hopefully that won't keep me from getting the other stuff I'm working on done. Have a couple Alice In Wonderland pillowcases to sew up for my friend and I... we are going to take them to our Woman's Retreat next month... I can't wait!

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