October 21, 2010

Been a while. 
Not a whole lot I feel like writing about I guess.
Let's see... Did a photo shoot for a couple friends for their anniversary. Got the kids off to school and haven't had any horrible sicken take over so far! 
Haven't done any sewing... need to make a small bible cover for a friend though... have to dig out my sewing machine from the small mountain that has grown over top of it. 
Slowly... slower then a slug... getting rid of all the extra clutter around the house. So many pieces of useless papers!!

Sunday school with the all the kids is all I do on Sundays, which is hard, because I'm missing out on service. It's all right I guess. It's only for a season.

My children are growing up before my eyes... it's a struggle sometimes but what can you do but love and try to encourage them in everything they do. 
I have totally forgotten how old I am or what anniversary year we just celebrated... heck I can't even remember what happened a day or two ago. 
Tired and crabby, ready to put my kids to bed and just veg. 
Good night. :)

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