November 21, 2011


It was time to change the look of my blog.
In need of some color and a new font.
The color on the trees have almost all been blown to the ground by wind and rain, in its place naked branches so plain.
The sky has turned a shade of gray and so has my mood as it does every year during the Autumn/Winter season. This is replaced with the longing of spring color and the warmth of the summer sun on my pale skin.
I honestly don't mind the rain but when it's mixed with such cold weather it's almost unbearable for my body. The aches and pains become stronger and it takes so much longer to warm the bones beneath my flesh.

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Anonymous said...

I like the change! Yes, it's rainy here too but the best thing is to bring the sunshine in...homemade chia latte, a holiday scone or a nice piece of dark chocolate with an old black and white chick flick. Think I'll go do that now! momma