January 2, 2014

The beginning

So really!?! I haven't been on here since April?? 
Not that anyone is keeping track of my blog. 
It was a whirl wind of a year and life got so incredibly busy that I just couldn't keep up anymore.

The kids have gone into new stages of their lives and it's been a bit overwhelming with all of it. The boys are playing in orchestra and band. We have instruments being played all over the house at times... their daddy is a musician as well. I do love hearing all of them.

The oldest will be heading to high school after summer break and the youngest has one more year of elementary before she will be joining our middle man in the middle school. Crazy crazy! The oldest will be getting his braces off, finally, this spring and the two younger ones started their brace face adventure a few months ago. Those darn things are expensive!! We basically have a car payment now. But the LORD is so good and we will all survive! :)

We got involved with our friend's church plant a handful of months ago and were slowly transitioning out of our old church. The Lord was so sweet to allow the process to go slowly for me, because I was struggling in the beginning and wasn't sure... because I never thought in a million years that my husband would be willing to leave his parent's church. We are excited though and bonds have been bonded strong and I absolutely LOVE the growth of the friendships between our little group. We aren't out for numbers, we are out for hearts. And it is super sweetness to our souls. 

Today we started the year with a loss of a sweet Aunt. She will be missed dearly but I'm so thankful the lord gave us these last few weeks with her. We have peace knowing that she has gone off well in her soul. 

Not sure what else is going to happen this year, but I have a feeling that through the good and bad it's all going to end well, maybe even better then last year. Because it always does when you are growing in the lord and allowing Him full control of what He has already created. 

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