October 29, 2007


Man, I was so excited to get back into my sewing but then I got sick once again for this season...This doesn't happen to me every year but when it does it's a doozy. : (
Sold a bag over the weekend in my etsy shop. It's going over seas to Australia and then to the UK as a Christmas gift!! That was exciting to find out : ) my first international sale!

I haven't done any sewing because I don't think it is a good idea to sew when your not in your right mind...so it sits and waits for my return. Got some business cards today...so will work on getting some made so that I can hand them out to those who ask.

Christmas is just around the corner so I am hopeing that sales pick up.
Will call the manager of Journeys and see when he will be in the store then put together the portfolio and take it into him.

Off to make some promised cookies for my children while they are resting in their rooms and then into the sewing area to see if I can get myself motivated and in order once again : )

Good day!!

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