October 22, 2007

Good morning : )

Well went into Journeys Saturday at the Mall and showed the manager my purses. He loved them and so did the other guys working there!! He kept stareing at my bag that I use, the fabric is awesome what can I say ; ) I do have more of that fabric so will make some bags out of it asap. I gave him my websites and phone number, but he would like some photos also, so I have a portfolio to make and take in. The manager will be on vacation for a week so that should give me enough time to get everything put together...busy busy busy!! I am just hopeing that the out come is a good one.

I have tons of sewing to do also to finish up what I have cut out on my table...On top of all of this I managed to catch another cold again so, Lord give me strength to get all of this done and stay on top of my home and taking care of my three small ones all at the same time!

This is what I did on Saturday when I was putting my labels together...Laid the iron right on my hand...This is what happens when you have little sleep the night before and your brain isn't working properly ; ) That is how much of myself I put into these bags : ) So much love and tears I tell ya. lol. It is going to be a nice scar.

Do have a gorgeous day!

This is what I found on my Good Earth Tea the other day...So true : )
"Whatever is produced in haste goes hastily to waste."
Saadi (1184-1291)

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