October 18, 2007

So today would seem like a great day to start in on some other designs I have in my head. The wind is blowing everything around outside, it's cold and yet I am still in my pj's and watching an old movie...the kids are calm...it is a perfect time.
Yesterday I took the kids to the mall and we went into Journeys...they sell mostly shoes but also have a hand full of bags there. Some friends of mine mentioned to the manager what I do and he wants to see them and send pictures to corperate to see if they will let him sell my bags in the store...that would be so very cool...I am just praying that they will pay me well for them and that it will be worth it. I am really just excited that the purses could be in public and not just online! :)


Chaton said...

Good luck!!! It's always exciting when someone appreciates your work :)

TC said...

I made some note cards from that pink fabric! There's so much cute material out there now, it's hard not to buy everything I see. :)

I hear you on the not sewing when you're not all there. I was sewing a purse late last night, and after I had stitched it together wrong the third time, I went to bed - before I got to the ironing my hand part.

Here's another sewing blogger you might be interested in: craftapple.wordpress.com . She's a personal IRL friend of mine, has created some patterns, and is soon to be published in Quilter's Home magazine!