November 8, 2007

Over Loaded in My Brain!

Have you ever felt so overloaded in your head with ideas that you couldn't see straight!?!
I don't even know where to much I could do and it isn't getting done, I can't release all of the tension inside.
A friend wants me to make a diaper + wipe carrier.
Have finally started on my portfolio for Journeys.
Still have things sitting on my ironing waiting for me to sew together.
And on top of all of house is a dissaster and my children need my attention!
Can I pull my hair out now?
Here I re-arranged rooms so that I would have my own place to sew and I don't want to be in the room...I love that I can have this room but yet if my husband is in the living room in the evening, I don't want to be all alone in the other room by myself.
I think we are growing out of this house! The kids are getting older and with the five of us in a three bedroom one bath and both of us doing things that need space, me with my purses and my husband with his bands and music, there is just no room for all of us! I also homeschool so the sewing room is also the class room.
It's like we can't breath and then we just end up driving each other crazy.
You know it feels a lot better getting this out on the table. Now to just keeping going forward and doing the best that we can.

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