December 28, 2007

A New Year Comin'

Can you believe that the year is about over with!?!
I honestly don't know what next year will bring.
But I am going to do my best to make it a good one.
Hopeing to get myself in gear with my purses,
maybe getting them in some little shops or even Journeys.
Wanting to plan some camping trips.
In-laws want us all to go to Disney Land in September...
I really don't want to go but if it is in the Lord's will then I will go.
It is quiet at the moment.
Big J is doing his school work and Mr. T and Lil J are sitting
on the couch looking at books, while Barney is on the tube in the
background. Have to clean up around here because we are
having some friends over for food and fun.
and just becuase the house is a mess.
That is another thing I plan on doing...We have crap around here
that we really don't need or have any use for...lots to get
rid of so that things are simpler around here, the clutter is
getting me down big time.
So I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that you
are all safe and well for the New Year!
Have a wonderful day!!

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