December 20, 2007

I have been doing some thinking this last week and I have decided to do some changes with my purses. I have an idea in my head and now I just have to sit down and try it out. There will be pockets involved and I am thinking zippers or magnets. Not sure until I actually do it.
We are all counting down to Christmas Day and the kids are very excited. Snow would be nice to see fall, but it looks like all we will see is rain and some sunshine.
Just want to, again, wish everyone a wonderful day and a joyful Christmas/Holiday!

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Hey girl,

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments. It's nice to have you visit my blog now and then. Sometimes I wonder who reads it...and if they do, why don't they leave a comment? ha ha Anyhow....

I LOVE what your kids did to the light bulb - simply classic! I had no idea those things would melt so easily. Yikes! I have to remember that - my kids have 'em too! I bet the smell was just lovely as well. eew! Kids - gotta love 'em. My little Sweet-Pea was looking in the mirror of the bathroom today while putting on lipstick (mine!) when all of a sudden she said "I'm pretty!" I about died laughing. I totally agree with her, but boy is she full of humility or what? NOT! She's only 6.

Well...have a super weekend and a fabulous Christmas!!! I can't believe it's in less than 3 days (it's after midnight now!)


P.S. Love the pocket idea for the purses...goodness knows we women need a place to hide those oh-so-private monthly items. hee hee