December 16, 2007

My children were being creative this evening.
One of the dears decided that it would be cool to place a plastic magnet piece on their bedroom light. I don't know how long it sat there but it was totally stuck!

On the 14th decided to rake all the leaves up that accumulated in our back yard.
All were from the neighbors tree and the pile ended up being, I'd say 5 feet tall.
Here are the kids playing in thus pile and having a grand time!
Kept them busy for over an hour! Gotta love the priceless things in life :)

9 days left till Christmas and I think I am ready as much as I can get ready. Still waiting on my husband's gifts to arrive. They should show up tomorrow.
I would tell you what it is but then I would have to delete my blog and I'm not doing it so you will have to wait for pictures later ;)
Some items that I have already gotten are from and I have to say I am extremely happy with all of them!!
We have all been fighting the bug this week so keeping things cleaned up around here has been really hard. I am so ready for some Spring cleaning! Can't wait to be able to open the doors and windows and clean away. That will be a glorious day I tell ya, GLORIOUS DAY!!
Ok I think I am all blogged out for the evening so I am heading out of here.
Good night :)

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