December 10, 2007

15 days left!!

So this is our tree we got this weekend! I don't know when but we will have the kids decorate, well help decorate later, maybe this weekend.
Funny I always tend to get ahead of myself during the Holidays and then I get all bumbed because it feels like it is taking for ever. I think I would love it if we could celebrate Christmas all month with parties and gift giving. Which I am sure others do out there. I don't sleep at night, I get antsy and really just want to go over board but can't.

I haven't done any sewing since the last! I have thought of all kinds of ideas and yet haven't done any of them.

We were able to get some Christmas presents, I so wish we could do more but it doesn't look like this is that kind of year. I always tell myself that I'm going to buy thru out the year so that we will have gifts for everyone at the end of the year... It seems like it would be so much easier that way. The good prices aren't always just in December.

Got my husband a few gifts and then he goes and mentions the item...WHICH IS WHAT I GOT HIM!!! So frustrating, I had a headache so I yelled at him when he called today and told him I wasn't going to talk about it. He really doesn't know what I got him and the fact that there is more then one item. Can't suprise the guy at all, well unless I bought him the quitar he has been drooling over for about a month now. He would seriously crap his pants if that was under the tree. In our rich life I say.

Things I have in mind:
There are some things that I would like to make to sell in my parent's store/restaurant.
Would like to make some clothes.
Some stuffed animals.
finish up the purses I still have waiting for me on the table.

Now to get orginized in my head ; )
I am hoping that next year will be a whole lot better and that the purses I have will sell quickly and that what ever I make to add to my shops will be well liked and will sell also.

Well need to go heat up dinner for tonight before my man gets home from work because we have to go out tonight. Hope everything is still open by that time and that it won't cost a whole lot.

Have a great day!

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