December 6, 2007

This is the new purse I posted in and

I also have these fabrics ready for sewing. They are in the same style as the bag above.
Their names:
Black Tattoo
Snazzy Floral
Mod Kitty

You can purchase all of them now! I will be sewing these purses up shortly but I wanted to show you what I had before I do so. The style is slightly different then my other purses but still really incredibly cute!!

I will also be taking more pictures of everything later.

Things around here are pretty good. It finally stopped raining and things are slowly getting back to normal here in the NorthWest.
Still haven't gotten anything decorative out for really feels like any other month. I think I need to start making decorations for next year...Then it will feel like Christmas all month instead of just a few weeks.

Well the children are restless so I need to go take care of the situation.
Have a great day!!

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wzgirl said...

I know exactly what you mean about not knowing what you'd do if you couldn't be creative. Me too. Glad I found your blog - come visit mine.

Thx4theHeart, too!