December 3, 2007

This is what I was working on yesterday...I tried to get myself in the sewing mood to finish the purses I have cut out but for some strange reason I just don't do it. What I am doing, since you might think well the quilt looks like it is finished...Not at all...I am hand quilting it to keep everything in place on the quilt. It isn't to bad, I figured out the hours spent and it is only about 15 hours for the hand stitching not including the edges that I did with my machine and the fabric prep. I do have some more quilts waiting for me but knew that I needed to get the purses done first. ; )

Last night I had to change things around again. The kids were going insane and so I had to put our oldest back into his own room and all my sewing stuff back out here in the living/dinning room again. It is alright I guess, maybe I can figure out a place in my bedroom when I get that all cleaned up one of these's a mess right now.

The kids are all ready for Christmas decor and a tree so hopefully we will be able to go get a tree the end of this week or on the weekend. I will have to take some pictures to brighten up my page here.

And we were blessed on Sunday by someone, I don't know who, but we are able to buy our children Christmas presents now and to get the tree! I feel so blessed!!! The Lord told me not to worry and I didn't : ) He knows our hearts and our desires and He truely cares about the little things in our lives.

Well need to go make dinner before my man gets home.
Have a wonderful day!

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