January 13, 2008

Those Little Suprises...

I absolutely love those special little suprises that happen out of the blue.
Friday my husband came home with a little extra in his pocket...a bonus!! We were so suprised and blessed.
We were able to get a new lamp for the T.V. it went out a while ago so we have had to go back to our smaller T.V. . Down sizing when you are used to a certain size is not fun. We say once you go big it's harder to go back.
I was also able to get the thread I needed and I got a few buttons and bobbins for my machine. I only had three and that is definately not enough in my book. : )
So the sewing will continue and I am determined to get everything I have cut out sewn up this week! I will have some late nights but I really need to get this done asap!!!
I got our taxes about finished also...should have them totally done by the first since our state doesn't open their department until the end of January.

I feel like I have accomplished so much and it is such a wonderful feeling!!
My living room is clean, the kids rooms aren't bad, the kitchen, well it always is a process for me. The sun was shining almost all day and we have dry days ahead! I am still pms'ing but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
It's all good!!

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