March 9, 2008

Don't have much to say but thought I would stop by anyways.

Not much going on. Sewing is on the shelf and the sun is out in all it's glory.

Allergy season is apon us and it makes me sleepy.

Definately lost that hour they say you lose when you spring forward.

Right now I am loving my Tully's coffee and Choco Raspberry creamer!

I am hooked on it and can't get enough.

Have taken some more photos.

Need to get it off in emails to family and friends and post them in my flickr.

Life is life and it's moving along fast.

I will be 33 in a little over a week and my middle guy will be 6 next weekend!

We are going to have a party together because I will be gone on his actual Birthday. He thinks that is pretty special though because he is the only one that gets to do this.

Well I'm off. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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