March 21, 2008


This last week was a busy week.
The retreat was rejuvenating and I even came home with a new hair style! A whole new me.
My middle man (6yrs) and I celebrated our Birthdays together on Wednesday and were blessed by our friends and family with special gifts and a really sweet time.
So all in all it seemed a busy week but a good week.
I have things I really need to do and get in order today before my husband gets home.
Our bedroom is not inviting and I really want to get things cleaned up and in order in there so that we can enjoy the room. If I had one of those TV groups come out and if we owned the house I would totally push out the wall and add french doors and a private deck!
But I don't and can't so I will make due with what I have.
Still have a bunch to do before May!
Ok off to make breakfast and start my day.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
And Happy Easter!

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