March 30, 2008

Weather, Createing and a Question...

Oh, how I long for the warmth of a fire and some tea right now. Instead I sit here in front of the computer with an extra large bag of dark chocolate M&Ms.
It has been snowing/raining/hailing these last few days and it is freezing cold and just one of those kind of weeks that I should have been creating with my yummy fabrics and sewing machine which have been neglected for a long time now.

I did do a little bit of creating this weekend but no fabrics or machine were was more of the use of the oven and my bowls and mixer. I didn't get a cool picture while I did this creating but I did get a picture of the finished product.
Yes, the baby shower cake was a huge hit. My perfectionist self saw flaws and things I could have done better but I was blessed by the compliments and excitement. A quote "The cake has BOOBS!!!" I did have fun creating the cake and would do it again! Reminder to self: add cake decorating supplies to my wishlist!

I wonder what this snow and cold are going to do to the trees and plants that are already in bloom around here? My daffodils seemed to have frozen in time.

I have a question....

Any ideas on what I could do with this vintage fabric I have?

I think I have 2-3 yards and I really can't seem to figure this one out. I'm not that great at feeling a fabric and telling you what kind it is. This seems to have a linen/woven texture.

Ok, I put the M&Ms down and now I will go and get something done around here...don't know what it will be but I have a list and some energy so I think I need to take advantage of it.


snowy652 said...

fantastic cake !!!

The fabric is very pretty -- I can see a tote -- or a throw pillow --


kathryn said...

I agree with the tote idea. You could make a super cute purse with those squares. I think napkins would be neat as well.