April 1, 2008


Amazing...we have made it to April.

The sun seems to be shineing brighter then usual and it is a gorgeous day out! We still have our heat on though and the air is crisp but warmer weather is ahead and then the doors will be open and the warm spring breezes will flow thru our home once again.

My allergies aren't going to like it but I don't care. I am ready for it.

I'm still in my pj's and the kids are slowly cleaning the living room up as they watch the first season of Transformers...what memories to be had.

My goal today is to get my room cleaned and other parts of the house cleaned so that I can get my sewing things out...I can't believe the procrastination I am dealing with this year...it drives me nuts that I allow myself to do that!

So ok before I get caught up in other things on this darn waste of my time computer I will go.

Have a lovely spring day!
These are some gerbera flowers I received for my Birthday last month!
I love these sweet little flowers!!

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