April 2, 2008

Today the sun finally made it's presents and there wasn't a cloud in site.
But that also brought the allergy headache.

So I wasn't out much but I couldn't resist and had to have the doors open.
My children did go out once the warmer temperatures got to a nice warm number.
They went out and picked all the dandelions for me.

And then we met a new friend who came thru the fence and seemed to have adopted us. She was so pretty I took some photos. She wanted in the house also...but that's a negatory because momma is allergic to cats. I did pet her a bit because I couldn't help myself.So now the kids are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and I am going to sit and start reading "The Creative Family" by: Amanda Blake Soule


I am so excited!!! I LOVE BOOKS!!

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