April 30, 2008

Skulls, Flowers, Babyshower Cake and Free Shipping

Just putting up some photos I took this last weekend.
A skull on a mint crisp M&M...so cool!
A daffodil from my front yard...I think I have three or so different kinds of daffodils. I wish I knew all of their names.
And yet another babyshower attended. Nope didn't make this cake...it was so yummy though! Can't go wrong with chocolate cake!
This week has been unproductive...My allergies aren't being very nice to me this year. I have so much to do around the house before our friend shows up on Friday to stay with us. It is only for a night but I really want the house cleaned anyways.
Just got a nice phone call from a friend asking me if I would take some family photos for them!! That made my day!!! It should be nice and the photos will be taken outside...I like that a lot!!! Hoping this weekend is going to be wonderful like they said it would be.
Still didn't finish up the last purse I made...I had an excuse alright! My nephew was born. ; )

OH and I have free u.s. shipping in my etsy shop until May 9th so head on over and take advantage of the moment!! After the 9th I will also be taking out the stuff I have in my etsy shop to make room for more.
OK, off to try and get something done and maybe open up the curtains to let the light in...that might make me feel better.

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