May 1, 2008

We headed out the door today in the bright morning sun to go over to Bob's Red Mill Grand Opening! They allowed the community to come and take a tour of their new (a few years old) warehouse...all 7 acres of it!!! So incredible to see that much grain.
The kids had a great time...walking thru all the sections of the warehouse and watching the people and machines at work packaging and preping. Seemed like such a simple process and everyone was so nice. Big J even got to tell Bob and his wife thank you for letting us come into his warehouse. They are the cutest couple. : ) I love that they are apart of their business and so kind and always around. We also have the store down the street where I have seen Bob walking around. It is nice to live so close to all of this. So here are some photos...sorry they seem blurry...I had a cup of coffee...I guess I had the shakes a little. : (
This pic of Big J in front of the grain bag was marked as Gleaning for the Hungry. So very cool. There were a few shelves of these bags.

Way bigger then Costco ; )

In the end we got a goody bag with Pancake/Waffle mix and Scottish Oatmeal.
And the tour guide gave the kids a Gluten Free bag of Creamy Rice Hot Cereal right off the line!! It is only shipped to Canada!!! It has French on one side and English on the other...We were so excited about that one!!! hu, should have had Bob and his wife sign it...darn it.

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, how cool is that!?! You're right when you say it's much bigger than Costco! Holy cow!!! Your children are absolutely adorable!!!!! Great photos.

I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry I don't stop in more often. I need to make it a priority to visit my friends more often.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!