May 13, 2008

Mother's Day weekend was a busy one.
First off we left Friday night to head over to Reedsport where my family is living, well in the process of living. It was a scary drive with stupid people on the road, road rage and an accident. And then driving roads we have never driven on before in the pitch black...scary, but we finally made it about midnight.
This was our day Saturday...lots of misty soaking rain. So didn't get to see much. The kids and my husband and brother and dad all heading out to the beach...that was before the fog and rain showed up. And us girls, my mom, grandma, sister-in-law and myself headed into Florence to a tea house that my mom had said was really good. So that was our Mother's Day gift.
This sign was in OLD TOWN Florence...thought it was funny.
This is a photo of my mom and grandma's hands. I was in awe of how my hands look just like theirs.
We had High Tea which consisted of two tea sandwiches, scones, a salad, a small bite size piece of cake (I forgot what it was called) and tea of choice. I had the Imperial Gunpowder was really good! And the cream cheese salmon with dill and the other choice was cream cheese with blue cheese and pear...that one was interesting and usually comes with walnuts but I don't eat nuts.
Oh my little niece came also and took a short nap on gramme's shoulder.
We got back and my brother showed me some of the sand dollars they had found...ALL of them whole!! This was the smallest one they found. So perfect.

Here are the 7 cousins minus 1...I was holding her while I took the pictures of the kids. They all had a really good time together...can't wait to be able to do it again.

On our way out of town I took this photo...

It was so blue and grey and the rain didn't stop. We ended up driving up 101 in dense fog and rain...not at all fun when it is pitch black and you can barely see anything in front of you. The trip home was stressful until we hit I-5 near Corvallis. So next time we will drive during the day and we will use a real map and not the map off Google maps.

Now it will be the rest of the week before I can get back to some kind of normal. I am not one that likes to travel. And I haven't felt very good the last few days. My husband was home with a migraine today also. Hoping to feel better before the heat shows up on Wednesday.

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, looks like you had a great Mother's Day weekend despite the weather. I love the tea room photos!! There's a small tea room around here that is so's fun to have high tea like the Brits. The only thing missing is the big castle!


P.S. Awesome sand dollar! My Sweet-Pea is SOOO into fish and anything aquatic. She's got a collection of shells and sand dollars, but nothing like that. How very cool.