May 18, 2008

So this is my newest work and I love it but it was already sold before I even put it all together! The only thing the buyer knows is what fabric was used, she doesn't know what it was going to look like...HECK! I didn't even know until I started doing it! ; )
So can I call it a custom job?

I pulled some fabric and combined some pieces that caught my to start cutting and sewing them all together...I do love doing a bag at a time and making them one of a kind, it keeps me motivated, I am not one to like repetition.

Been having fun with my photography lately just pushing myself to do better and take my time thinking about the subject matter and what needs to be done to get the perfect shot. Have been encouraged by other pro photographers and that has been a huge deal for me.
Well I am really tired and need to go to bed or something, which will be really hard to do because my husband is having band practise right now and it is always loud. I will see what I can do maybe I will read a bit.

Good night and Good week to you!


Amber said...

Those look yummy!

Welcome to photohunt. It's fun every week and sometimes can be quite challenging.

*jj said...

I LOVE that bag! Well done.