August 22, 2008


So Wednesday got a new toilet seat! This time I got the one with the medal hinges...that should last for a long time.
Also headed out to IKEA yesterday with my oldest and we found the perfect mattress for him and just enjoyed being able to walk around and see everything with out all the crowds of people! It was so nice. I was a little disappointed because I didn't see the matchstick blinds that I need to finish my windows in the kitchen...I think it might have been that way so that I wouldn't buy them and spend more money that I didn't have. ;)
So I feel like I have accomplished a lot in the last few days. Thank you Elinore for the sweet comment! It is always such an encouragement when I read your comments. :)
Now I just need to get some deep cleaning done through out the house so that I won't have that on my plate when we start school up again next week.

It's cold out yet the kids are out in the pool...I don't know if we should take it down yet...I honestly don't think we are going to have another triple digit day or even a 90 + day again. Looks like the low 80's and 70's are here to stay. The pool is pretty much shot anyways and needs to find a new home, unfortunately at the dump.

Ok I really need to go get myself motivated to start cleaning...I don't even know where to start!

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh you are so sweet...thank you my friend!!!

I'm wondering though why you didn't mention anything about the ice cream at IKEA though. hee hee I'm sorry you were unable to find your blinds. I guess it'll mean another trip back to the store sometime soon.

We went in our pool again yesterday and boy was it cold! I kept telling myself that if I could tolerate the pain of childbirth, I could get in the cold water. = )

Have a wonderful rest of the day!!

P.S. Where to start cleaning? Maybe you should make sure the couch isn't full of dust and other items...fluff the pillows up by laying on them and see if the TV needs best if you turn it on! I'm a big help, aren't I!?! Big grin!