August 20, 2008

I Need to be Inspired...

You every have one of those days where you feel like being creative but just can't get motivated to do anything about it...I feel that way today.
Did my work out this morning and have been veggin' out the rest of the time when I should be getting my creative juices flowing and get some things done with my fabric and the ideas I have in my head.
I really need to find a toilet seat and daughter brought me the lid this morning because for some odd reason it decided to break off...I still don't know what she/they were doing to break the lid of the toilet off. The towel rod fell off the wall again also...My thoughts is they were trying to see if our neighbor was out working on his dump truck...yes...a dump truck!!! The kids love it.

Yesterday I hung out at the IKEA website...I think I know what furniture I want to get!!! I think I really like the black...I don't know I could change my mind...and it really doesn't matter because we don't have any money to buy them anyways and if I did change my mind I could buy new covers!! Oh how I love IKEA!!!I figured I could add colored pillows if I wanted to and then add color in my decor! I have sat/layed on one of these couches at IKEA and it passes the comfort and relaxation test!!! I LOVE IT!!

Got some of my photography printed yesterday...They should get here in about a week or so. I am thinking that I need to get some more printed out and in different sizes so that I can sell them maybe through my etsy shop. Also really feel the need to start painting again. Man, I love art in all forms and wish I could have my hand in all of it, but I would need a whole lot of money and another house to fit it all in. A building would be nice to paint on... I think I need to go sew some things before I get distracted with something else.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great rest of the week!!

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Yup, I've had days like yours! Bummer about the toilet seat (no pun intended!), but on the up-side, at least the seat part didn't break. I often wonder how my kids do certain things as well...I guess it's good we don't see EVERYTHING they do. We'd have more moms in the hospital with nervous breakdowns.

Oh, I LOVE IKEA!! We have one not too far from us and we love to go there, walk around and simply hang out in their little display rooms. We have a comfy chair like the one you picked out. It's SO comfy. I hope you save up enough to buy both the chair and sofa. I know what you mean though...sometimes we go to the store and end up with just a $1. ice cream cone because we can't afford what we really want. ha ha!

Have a happy & creative day!