August 23, 2008

I Scored Big Time Today!!!

I don't have any photos yet but on my outing to the Dollar Store and Big Lots I decided to stop in at the Good Will. And let me tell you I am SO glad I did!!!

For $3.98 I got an old vanity w/o a mirror and two chairs!!!!!!!!
Need to do some priming and painting on the vanity, but that is nothing when it only cost $1.99.
Nothing is wrong with it either...I don't remember what the original price was but I think they slashed it so low because they weren't selling it and because someone had spray painted it silver.
I will get a before and after photo of it later.

I love accomplishing things! :D
It has been a pretty good day...Hope yours was too.


Emily said...

The before and after pictures are a great idea.

and Goodwill is my favorite store. I'm not even kidding. Goodwill Outlet near me is AWESOME. worth the drive for you. (it's in Vancouver)

GMAC said...

wow! i love the vibrant colors! great capture. happy photo hunting!

Teena in Toronto said...

Great deal!