August 28, 2008

School, Ice Popsicles and The Vanity

Started school with the kids was the official day of their starting but we are going to be busy on Friday so I wanted to get ahead. So today and tomorrows work is done all except for Jonas' art class work.

We aren't starting out so good, physically that is, my middle guy is sick and I have come down with something also and have a really bad headache. The boys did really good for their first two days and I am really proud of them!
Here is my middle guy doing his art work:
And my oldest reading his Language Arts book:
The photos below are what the kids made in the Popsicle trays we just got from a friend. I guess it is better then juice full of sugar. ;) They were so excited and ate them within minutes.

And this is the before photo of the $1.99 vanity I found at Good Will!! I think I am just going to prime and paint it and then touch up the handles and call it done. Nothing fancy there but it will look clean and fresh. My mother-in-law even gave me an old mirror the other day that will look great on the wall above the vanity. I will paint it to match the vanity. "After" photos will be taken after I get this all done...Don't hold your breath. ;)


Elinor Dashwood said...

Hey girl, nice find for $1.99. I can't wait to see the after photos. I'm taking a deep breath now so hurry up or I'll pass out! hee hee

Congrats on finishing your first couple days of school. The boys are so adorable. They look like the were working hard. Good job boys!!!

Like your new photo too, did you just change it or am I slow?!? Probably I'm slow.

Have a great rest of the week.

Elinor Dashwood said...

I meant to say "They look like THEY were working hard." It's late, so I expect to be excused for my spelling error. hee hee Also, ignore the grammar, I have a bad habit of leaving out words and it drives my husband nuts! Like when I said "Like your new photo too." I SHOULD have said "I like your new photo too."

OK, it's late, I'm off to bed!

Sleepless Stitch said...

Hu, I must be horrible cause I didn't even notice the mistakes. :D
I think I do the same thing at times but then it takes me a few days till I notice I did it wrong.

I put up the photo of me, probably the day before, your not slow.
I had an Arbonne makeup party with my friend and that was the outcome of all the fun.