September 12, 2008

Back and Running

Had some computer problems and had to start everything all over again. I think we are good to go now.
Started doing a whole lot better yesterday! Heck, I even cleaned the dishes every time something got dirty. I was on top of it. :D Got groceries last night so now we can eat real food too. Oh my goodness!! I was looking at the price of apples and actually saw some (don't remember their name) that were over $3.00 a pound!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!! We all better start planting apple seeds in our back yards because that is ridiculous! What happened to all the trees Johnny Appleseed planted! We should have plenty to feed everyone without having to charge so much! ;)
So here is my idea...everyone plant an apple tree or even a pear tree, then buy some bees from your local bee/honey farm...they are out there. Put that in your back yard and then grow a garden to share with at least three other houses in the neighborhood. Could you imagine if everyone did that!?! That would be awesome!!

Well need to do school with the kids so I should probably go now. We have Art and P.E. today also. So off we go...
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Elinor Dashwood said...

Glad you're doing much better today! You're on top of things more than I sink is not empty at the moment. I'm actually waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can reload it. = )

Oh I'd love a few fruit trees in my yard, but knowing my green thumb, I'd kill 'em all off! I hear ya though...fruit is so expensive. We usually get it at our local wholesale place (Costco) which is cheaper, but still NOT cheap!

Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Hey, I'm having weird wacky computer issues tonight. I hate these weird little boxes of MAGIC sometimes. :)

oh, we have an apple tree at our new house....can't wait. I'll share!

Sleepless Stitch said...

Yup, Costco can be a life saver at times.
We have a small farm market down the street and they take food stamps but I have yet to go in and check out their prices.

See got a fruit tree and you didn't have to plant it!!! How cool is that!!!