September 8, 2008


We will start with Friday...Oh Friday I woke up half blind and sore. The beginnings of a migraine headache! We started school as we always do because I was determined to get it done.
Didn't work! My eye got better but my head started throbbing and nausea set in. My morning was shot, so I turned everything off and told the kids I needed to lay down and sleep.
So kids watched t.v. and I slept till noon. Still didn't wake up very well but we did get through all of the school work we had to do and the day was finished.
Saturday still with a small headache we headed out to a friends wedding which was small and beautiful. Then off to the Oregon City Museum where we got to tour the museum while they were back at the church getting their pictures taken.
That worked out so great for the kids to be able to get in a field trip!! (And me without my camera!!!) What a way to hit two birds with one stone. We all had a good time and the reception was fun too.
Sunday...STILL with a headache. We started in on 2 Peter...had a hard time paying attention because of my head, I really just wanted to close my eyes and rest. I am glad he was just going over what we would be learning in the verses and chapters to come.
We spent the rest of the day over at the in-laws. The kids love it their because they can ride their bikes and their friends live next door. It was a nice relaxing time.

As for today the headache is little to none but I am still groggy (that time of the month I guess)
J has started in on his math work. He should be able to get it done in a timely manner since he pretty much already knows it. I need to get T started on his math and little J is watching Noggin. They are all fighting this morning so if I can keep them separated and busy it should turn out to be a nice quiet day.

I would add a nice picture but my computer is having some kind of problem today.?.?.?
Wish I could figure out what was wrong??? Maybe I will add one later.

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh you poor girl! I can totally relate to the whole migraine thing!! I get them once a month or so (menstrual migraines) and I feel like crawling into a dark quiet corner and ripping my hair out one by one! My eyes usually feel like they're being plucked out by crowbars and my stomach churns from feeling nauseous! I'm sure you've got a lovely picture in your head now, huh? ha ha The next day, once the initial migraine has eased a bit, the headache still lingers and my neck is usually sore. It takes at least 2 days to recover. Girl, I feel your pain and I hope you're feeling MUCH better today!!!! Don't worry about school. I'm sure you kiddos had a WONDERFUL time resting and watching TV until noon. I know I'd have loved it.

Well, press on girl and know you're being thought and prayed for today!